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Happy Halloween everyone! Some will be happier than others after the numbers this weekend. Hollywood looks set to take a break before movie buffs hit the theaters Wakanda forever next week, but audiences got a new horror movie this week — and a PG-13 one to boot — after a hiatus of R-rated ones. The studio didn’t screen it for critics, and from its current score, we can see why. A new exorcism film from the director The Last Exorcism It was not possible to challenge Black Adam for the top spot, but the latter is already facing a challenge of its own, even after another week.

King of the Harvest: Black Adam Suffers great loss but reigns at number 1

Last week in this column we wrote that only one film earned less than 27 million dollars in its second weekend and made it to 200 million dollars. It was a movie Jumanji: The Next Leveland it’s also benefiting from schools starting their second weekend of Christmas vacation, helping to generate more than $130 million over the next two weeks. Black Adam It earned $27.5 million over the weekend, which is more than enough to be No. 1, but it’s not sure if it’s in the James Gunn era of the DC Universe. That’s a 59% drop from its $67 million opening. man of steel, Suicide Squadand Batman v Superman All had great drops, but they were also much taller.

This brings black mans 10-day total to nearly $111 million, which is seventh best for an October release. But the best thing that can be said at this time is that it is comparing to last year There is no time to die, which had $99 million after 10 days and $23.7 million in its second weekend. It ultimately ended up with just $160 million. This is less than last November eternal, which had a $26.8 million weekend of $118 million and just shy of $165 million. even if adam Boots and rallies, a total of between $160-170 million is not what WB and DC had in mind for the Dwayne Johnson anti-superhero movie. A film with a worldwide budget of around 200 million dollars is currently only 250 million dollars, and if it can only expect 50-60 million dollars from North America, it can turn into a movie. Fantastic Beasts 3 Kind of going out in 2022 for Warner Bros.

Top 10 and beyond: ticket to heaven holds strong, the smile And Terrible 2 Continue to wonder

A more exciting hold this week was in the No. 2 slot ticket to heaven. The George Clooney/Julia Roberts rom-com fell just 39 percent to $10 million, bringing its total to $34 million. J footed The redux from 2011 had almost the same second weekend and ended up with $51 million. ticket to heaven That’s about $4 million off that film’s pace, suggesting that Universal’s comedy-as-not-dead entry could be around $60 million. If so, that would mark 2022 as the 10th live-action film not connected to a universe or series, nor a remake to earn as much. (one of them, female kingpassing about $65 million.) free people 2021 was the only film to get it.

Devil’s Hunt was the week’s only new release, and the glass-half-full story is that it bested all the other horror movies that have been out for weeks and fared better than last year’s October close-out. Antler ($4.27 million opening), though not by much. Lionsgate release (originally called Satan’s light) made $7 million in their startup, which is about the studio Unbearable weight of great ability Opened back in April. The only release from the studio that has since grossed $10 million in its opening weekend Knife out It was in November 2019 The hitman’s wife’s bodyguard last summer Lionsgate has fallen on hard times since the pandemic, including going missing Knife out Franchise to Netflix. They have at least a quarter John Wick In their pocket for the next march and a new one hunger games For next November, but how long will they last for the future?

As for other horror movies that have made headlines in the past month, the smile The best of them continue to be. Another $5 million this weekend brings its total to more than $92 million, and the special theatrical release is on pace to cross $100 million. The same cannot be said for the current Peacock streamer Halloween is over, which dropped 52 percent over the weekend to $3.8 million. It has crossed 60 million dollars, almost as compared to 2009 Friday the 13ths 17-day total of $60.7 million and $3.68 million in its third weekend. The film ended with just $65 million after a $40 million opening. Terrible 2 It will not reach these heights, but it certainly feels that it belongs to its creators. The film doubled its theater count to 1,550 this week and it again saw business increase (2.7%) to $1.8 million, bringing its total to $7.7 million. Damien Lyon’s film has now overtaken Alex Garland’s film men And it has its sights set on the passing of George Miller A wish of three thousand years and three west pearl.

Some of the best-reviewed films of the year also saw a boost this week. The most prominent among them was that of Chinoni Chukku up to, which moved to 2,058 from 104 theaters and grossed just $2.8 million (a $1,360 per theater average), bringing its total to $3.6 million. Todd Fields string It went to 1,087 in 141 theaters and earned an impressive million, bringing its total to over $2.4 million. Finally, Martin McDonagh’s Anshirin’s bansin 4 expanded to 59 theaters and grossed $540,000. Its total now stands at $790,000.

On the wine: Armageddon time Expand, however Black Adam Looks again

After David O. Russell Amsterdam Left the following weekend for the beginning of October, no studio stepped in to fill the void of that release. So, next week will see James Green’s expansion Armageddon time with Anne Hathaway, which grossed $72,000 in six theaters this weekend. Black Adam The $160 million trip is in line to lead the box office for a third straight week or so is expected.

Full list of box office results: October 28-30, 2022



Black Adam

  • $27.7 million ($111 million total)



ticket to heaven

  • $10 million ($33.7 million in total)

21 percent


Devil’s Hunt

  • $7 million ($7 million in total)



the smile

  • $5 million ($92.4 million total)



Halloween is over

  • $3.8 million ($60.3 million total)



Layla, layla, layla

  • $2.82 million ($32.6 million total)



up to

  • $2.81 million ($3.6 million total)



Terrible 2

  • $1.8 million ($7.6 million total)



female king

  • $1.1 million ($64.6 million total)




  • $1.02 million ($2.49 million total)

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