Best ICICI Credit Cards for November 2022 – Forbes Advisor INDIA | Techno Glob

We analyze all the credit cards issued by ICICI Bank and select the best among them based on some basic criteria:

Value for money: This is the most important factor considered. The cards that offer the most benefits made it to our list.

Cash back: Half a star from credit cards that offer cash back and half a star for a complex credit system that isn’t easy for customers to understand.

Annual Fees and Joining Fees: There is no fee to join Half and Half Star credit cards with no annual fees. Any credit card with no annual fee and no connection fee will get full stars, but the connection fee of INR 500 is considered equivalent to the annual fee.

Availability for all income groups: If the credit card’s services are available for all income groups, half star and if the services are extended to many places and not just in big cities, the other half is income groups.

Welcome Gifts: Half a star for welcome gifts and half a star for ease of use of those gifts. A credit card gets a full star if the intrinsic value of the gift that can be used here covers the minimum annual fee.

Additional benefits: Half a star for credit cards that offer additional benefits and half for credit cards where these additional benefits are more user-friendly. for example, If a card offers a fee waiver to a user who spends INR 3 lakh in a year, it is unlikely that all cardholders will spend that much in a year. This will make the service redundant for some cardholders.

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