BanG Dream! Women Band Birthday party! starts its fresh collaboration, this day with the customery anime form Tensura

The customery idol control rhythm recreation Bang Dream! Women Band Birthday party! has begun its fresh crossover, this day with the tremendous customery anime form That While I Were given Reincarnated as a Slime, in a different way referred to as Tensura. This unused crossover match brings in a fully bonkers quantity of content material, however for this newsletter, we’ll focal point at the two greatest additions: unused gacha banners to roll on and two unused songs to play games proper from the anime!

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Bang Dream! Women Band Birthday party! is among the maximum a success idol control video games nonetheless working nowadays, and has amassed relatively a couple of years underneath its belt now. This style is relatively customery with the likes of Colourful Degree or Love Are living, however Bang Dream! has remained a calm good fortune within the background because of the cherished characters and superior rhythm recreation mechanics.

Now, with this unused crossover, enthusiasts of the Morphonica staff throughout the recreation might be relatively glad to understand that their staff is the point of interest for the unused gacha banner. It’s because the contributors Mashiro Kurata, Tsukushi Futaba, and Rui Yashio will all get a unused gacha outfit in keeping with the Tensura anime form!

On supremacy of this, there can be two unused songs so that you can revel in enjoying thru and finishing from the anime too. Those are straight away recognizable as the primary and second-season openers for the form: Anonymous Tale and Storyteller! Either one of those songs are overall classics as anime openings, so make sure to give them a whirl throughout the recreation!

So, whether or not you’re partial to the anime form Tensura or Bang Dream! Women Band Birthday party itself, there’s a batch to dig right here. Don’t wastefulness any day, although! Obtain the sport for distant at both of the hyperlinks under and get began in this unused match your self!

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