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A critical priority for the US Department of Defense (DoD) is to accelerate the collection, analysis and delivery of information needed to support mission objectives. Satellites play an increasingly important role in this ability to use and move data around the world, but limitations in current government architectures can create challenges in getting information when it’s needed, when it’s needed. To address this, DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has partnered with the US Space Force to develop a Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA), designed to bring together the best capabilities in government and commercial enterprises to rapidly expand and deploy available space resources. is , Flexible Connectivity and Insights for Mission Leaders.

Today, DIU announced that Microsoft has been selected to bring our advanced, reliable cloud and innovative Azure Space capabilities, along with the Space Partner ecosystem, to serve as a foundation for realizing their Hybrid Space Architecture vision.

HSA is essentially DoD’s effort to build the Internet in Space and will support the department’s goal of establishing an information advantage for national security. Collaborating with commercial partners, HSA deploys a wide range of satellite and space systems in various orbits, ground stations and communication channels to provide “secure, reliable and low-latency data communications anywhere on Earth and beyond”.

HSA will be built in part on Microsoft Azure and will leverage key capabilities from our suite of Azure Space solutions, including Azure Orbital Cloud Access and Azure Orbital Ground Station. It will be supported by Microsoft’s private Global Wide Area Network, which provides flexible global data transport from the ground station to the appropriate cloud destination. Together, these capabilities bring together key functions of HSA, including remote sensing, multi-path communications, and cloud computing.

Beyond accelerating the flow of data, a key innovation of the hybrid space architecture is accelerating the insight into that data. Space is one of the world’s largest untapped data lakes (data central repositories) and will benefit from making sense of large amounts of data to better inform decision making beyond what mission owners have the power to do today. With Azure, DIU will be able to bring business innovation best practices to HSA to use AI and machine learning to leverage data at speed and scale for operational benefit and increased efficiency – across all security classification levels.

Underpinning these efforts is our focus on cybersecurity, building on Microsoft’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity in the space. With a broad view of the threat landscape — informed by the 43 trillion threat signals analyzed daily, combined with cutting-edge AI and the human intelligence of our more than 8,500 experts, including threat hunters, forensic investigators, malware engineers and researchers — we see first-hand what organizations face and we are committed to protecting our nation from rapidly evolving cyber threats. Microsoft deploys industry-leading cyber security solutions across devices, clouds, apps and platforms that are constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence insights to provide advanced, timely protection. Our goal is to ensure that not only Microsoft, but also our partners can adhere to the same high security standards and meet and exceed US government security requirements while keeping pace with the changing cyber threat landscape.

Another key enabler in our approach to HSA is tapping into our extensive Azure Space partner ecosystem. We have developed partnerships with leading aerospace industry companies to support HSA’s goals. Developing relationships with these partners helps industry and government establish a standardized approach to connectivity and ensure system interoperability across platforms. We are rolling out this wide-ranging connected ecosystem to support the HSA vision.

The Hybrid Space Architecture program is a demonstration of what is possible when government and industry work closely together to address one of the world’s greatest challenges—creating a transformative platform to support space-based national security missions. By bringing the latest Azure Space capabilities to this project, establishing consistent standards across the industry, and collaborating with numerous industry partners, we are demonstrating the ability to support advanced and secure location-based data connectivity and analytics.

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