AMD Ryzen Z1 Endmost: Home windows vs. Linux CPU Efficiency Evaluation

As a part of our Linux-focused have a look at the ASUS ROG Best friend hand held, utmost hour I supplied plenty of Home windows 11 vs. Linux gaming efficiency in this gaming hand held with RDNA3 graphics discovered at the AMD Ryzen Z1 Endmost SoC. Nowadays’s checking out isn’t concerning the gaming however having a look extra on the basic CPU efficiency for this Zen 4 powered SoC.

Nowadays’s checking out is having a look at a wide-range of CPU benchmarks the usage of the Ryzen Z1 Endmost SoC. This actual article isn’t gaming targeted in any respect however extra about interest over the CPU efficiency of the Ryzen Z1 Endmost with the ROG Best friend being the primary system that includes this SoC that includes this brandnew SoC.

The Ryzen Z1 Endmost as a reminder options 8 Zen 4 cores (16 tales) with a most spice up clock as much as 5.1GHz and a bottom clock of three.3GHz. The Z1 Endmost has an 8MB L2 cache and 16MB L3 cache. AMD charges the Z1 Endmost as having a 9 to 30 Watt cTDP.


The benchmarks lately are of Home windows 11 vs. Ubuntu 23.04 Linux for all kinds of basic CPU efficiency benchmarks. For the ones short of to peer how the Z1 Endmost compares to alternative SoCs like Ryzen pocket book SoCs and the customized APU within the Steam Deck, a detached article more likely to be printed within the after hour explores that side. Ahead of attending to that multi-device comparability, I first sought after to peer how Ubuntu Linux at the Ryzen Z1 Endmost used to be appearing and that there have been refuse problems relative to the Home windows efficiency.

The Home windows/Linux configurations impaired for checking out lately of the Ryzen Z1 Endmost CPU efficiency with the ASUS ROG Best friend incorporated:

Home windows 11 – The default Home windows 11 House ASUS set up at the ROG Best friend with all strong updates as of checking out.

Home windows 11 – Turbo – The above configuration however the usage of ASUS Crate to modify over to the “Turbo” form instead than the default conduct.

Ubuntu 23.04 – Ubuntu 23.04 out-of-the-box with the Linux 6.4 kernel. On Linux 6.4 via default this implies the usage of ACPI CPUfreq with the scheduer usage “Schedutil” governor.

Ubuntu 23.04 – Perf – Ubuntu 23.04 configuration above however switching to the “performance” ACPI platform profile, alike to the prior article with the gaming checks and similar to turbo form on Home windows.

Ubuntu 23.04 – P-Situation Lively – Ubuntu 23.04 within the default balanced ACPI platform profile however working with the AMD P-Situation driving force in lively form instead than the ACPI CPUFreq driving force. AMD P-Situation with lively form is the default shifting ahead with Linux 6.5+. On prior kernels like Linux 6.5 the amd_pstate=lively choice may also be impaired.

Ubuntu 23.04 – P-Situation Lively + Perf – Working Ubuntu 23.04 with the AMD P-Situation lively configuration from above however switching as much as the “performance” ACPI platform profile.

Right through the Linux runs, along with the uncooked efficiency benchmarks the CPU fan velocity, CPU energy intake, and CPU temperature have been monitored as supplementary information issues. Sadly I don’t have this capacity carried out beneath Home windows thus simplest Linux metrics there.

So let’s walk on with this distinctive checking out for purchasing a greater thought of the AMD Ryzen Z1 Endmost CPU efficiency features typically and the way the Home windows 11 vs. Ubuntu Linux efficiency is on the lookout for this brandnew SoC.

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