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When discussing Peter Jackson’s career in the mid-1990s, the whole thing shines through, so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking he was segwayed straight out of low-budget goofs. lord of numbers the trilogy. That was most definitely not the case, and that was 1996 scary That gave him not only his first taste of the Hollywood studio system, but an escape full of influences.

Despite receiving rave reviews from critics, rave reviews from fans, and impressing Universal’s bigwigs, they moved the film’s release date three months to a prime July bow, when they saw First scuttled due to cuts of any kind, the supernatural horror comedy died a slow and painful death at the box office after grossing less than $30 million on a $26 million budget.

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It didn’t take long to secure cult favorite status, though, and scary Still stands as a rip-roaring and action-packed slab of genre-bending escapist entertainment. Thankfully, even if the home audience hasn’t given it up yet, the overlooked and unfairly overlooked bomb with FlixPatrol has appeared on the iTunes Top 10 in several countries.

Michael J. Fox makes headlines as an ex-architect turned “exorcist” who goes dark when the residents of his small town house start dying in alarmingly high numbers. Along the way, he bumps into a new love interest, runs afoul of an FBI agent, and gets caught up in a riotous set of circumstances that boils down to fun, excitement, humor, and chills.

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