A robbery victim speaks after a shootout with suspects in Logan Square by Lightfoot’s security detail | Techno Glob

A Chicago grandfather thanks Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s police security team while being robbed in Logan Square.

According to a preliminary statement from Chicago Police, on-duty officers assigned to the department’s Detached Services Unit witnessed the robbery in the 1800 block of North Monticello Avenue Tuesday morning.

Police said officers “confronted several suspects, at least one of whom was armed,” and a shootout ensued.

“I’m glad I wasn’t shot, killed,” said Luis Antonio Zayas, 77, who sat in his car just after 7 a.m. as he waited to take his grandson to school.

Just then, another car suddenly drove up and two armed men got out.

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“They put a gun to the side of my head,” Zayas said. “And another guy comes up and says he wants money. I said, ‘Are you crazy? They’ve got cameras and the police here.’

Directly across the street from the scene of the robbery is a building used as a staging area for Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago Police security detail. It’s just blocks from her Logan Square home.

Zayas said the gunmen pulled him out of his car, took his wallet and then threw him to the ground.

“They throw me down. I’m like, ‘Help, help, help!’ The police come out and then I hear pop, pop, pop! shots.”

Eight-nine shots were exchanged between the police and the robbers, but no one was hit. The gunmen then jumped into their car and sped away.

“I’m thankful to the police,” Zayas said.

The robbery happened in the shadow of the 606 trail. Broken glass from the car’s windshield was strewn on the road and there was a bullet hole in the car parked there when the shooting took place.

“There’s a lot of surveillance, especially with things across the street so it’s probably a bad choice to come here,” said Alexandra Zayas, daughter of the robbery victim.

Police believe the same crew is responsible for another armed robbery Tuesday morning and possibly others in the area last week.

Zayas says he hurt his shoulder from being pushed down, and the robbers took his driver’s license and $220 in cash. But he said he was grateful to be alive.

“That’s how it is here in Chicago. We love Chicago. I’ve lived here in Chicago for fifty years,” he said.

No weapons were found at the scene, police said. One officer sustained minor injuries and was shifted to an area hospital for treatment.

The police department’s Civil Office is investigating the shooting, police said. As per the departmental policy the officers involved will be kept on desk duty for 30 days.

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