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A Fort Worth store owner released surveillance video of three masked thieves grabbing, tossing and bagging up boxes of high-end Nike, Yeezy and other expensive sneakers.

Or at least that’s what they thought.

Chad Steward, owner of Laced Connection, says safety was his top priority when he opened his store a year ago.

“I think they came from the fence area here. They basically came here by the bathroom window,” Steward said.

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When the burglars were unable to break through the rear window on Friday morning, they moved to another door and finally got in.

“It was two double padlocks. They had to get a crowbar,” Steward added.

Once inside, the miscreants are confined to the back room. The sales floor was beyond another steel gate.

“It would have taken them a long time to get to this part of the store. I’m thankful for the preventative measures I took,” said the steward.

The three thieves then noticed that none of the boxes contained complete pairs.

Each box contained only one shoe, another safety trick.

“I’ve had bars, security alarms since day one. I’ve talked to people I’ve known in the industry before that have owned stores and they tell me that’s the most important thing to prevent things like this,” Steward said.

Steward says he posted the video on social media where it has been viewed more than 32,000 times.

Hope he gets arrested.

“It’s sad. You can tell in the video these guys are young,” Steward said. “More gates will be more barred. We’ll sound the alarm.”

Despite their efforts, the thieves managed to get away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in addition to damaging the store.

“I 100% want them to go to jail. It’s not fair.”

If you have information about the burglary, you are urged to contact Fort Worth Police immediately.

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