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This study focuses on Customer IAM (CIAM) – its contribution to achieving a strong enterprise security posture, why CISOs should be involved in choosing a CIAM vendor, and the parameters to consider when choosing the right fit. Further division of CIAM into B2B, B2C and government/civilian identities is beyond the scope of this research.

IAM systems are designed to identify, authenticate, and authorize identities; Enabling authorized users and devices to access hardware, software or other resources. Sub-divisions within IAM include access management for employee, customer, and non-human identities (machines, bots, IoT, and other connected devices), identity governance (IGA), and privileged access management (PAM).

CIAM systems verify external identities and control access to applications and services. Some CIAM outcomes overlap with overall security and identity mandates, but many others have different expectations compared to other IAM components. CIAM is sometimes considered a workforce extension of IAM, however the fundamental differences between the two require thorough examination before choosing an approach.

CIAM solutions are designed to secure the customer journey and enable seamless CX and engagement across all channels. Protecting customer identities from fraud, breaches and breaches of privacy is vital to maintaining customer trust and confidence.

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